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Car Detailing in Perth Western Australia

April 12 2016
Slider Car Wash

Silver Sponge Car Detailing in Perth Western Australia

Car detailing in Perth Western Australia is totally different from a basic car wash & cleaning. Normal car washing & cleaning cannot protect or enhance your car’s life in an effective way until unless you are protecting it’s surfaces. Car detailing in Perth Western Australia is a process of exterior paint protection & interior dry cleaning of your car. Having your car detailed every eight to twelve months will keep your car in excellent new showroom shine condition. We provide best car dry cleaning and polishing services to customers. For us each and every customer is important.  As premium detailers we ensure to pamper each and every car with complete care and professionalism.

Our Car detailing in Perth Western Australia packages vary depending on your needs and the condition and size of your vehicle.  We prioritise aspects of your vehicle’s interior and exterior to bring it as close to a showroom standard, as is possible within your budget.

A Full Detail includes some combination of the following, depending on your priorities and vehicle condition:


  • A detailed vacuum into all accessible areas
  • A detailed wipe over of all trim surfaces, vents and compartments
  • Spot cleaning of your roof lining
  • Steam cleaning upholstery to remove grime and stains
  • Leather cleaning and treatment to remove grime and restore suppleness


  • Degreasing door jambs
  • A detailed wash and claying to degrease and decontaminate your paint
  • A thorough clean of your wheels and wheel arches
  • A cut and polish to improve the shine of your paint by reducing or removing marks and scratches
  • Under bonnet clean – engine bay, bonnet underside and gutters
  • A hand polish to improve shine and provide protection

We work with you to deliver the result you need at a good price.

Claying – paint decontamination

Claying is similar to a facial for your car’s paintwork – it removes most stubborn contaminants, which accumulate on your paintwork over time (tar, sap, pollen, etc.). Claying every 3-6 months (depending on use and your requirements) is a normal part of maintaining your paintwork and is necessary to preserve its original condition. We always combine claying with a hand polish. This makes it a good periodic addition to our Premium service, which includes a hand polish.

When claying is no longer enough to restore a shine to your car, the next step is a cut and polish to remove stubborn mineral deposits (i.e. bore water marks) or scratches.

Cut & Polish

A cut and polish is a normal part of caring for your car every 12-36 months depending on use and your requirements. Normal use, weather, accidents and cleaning all leave residue or scratches. Mineral deposits can adhere to paint too strongly to be removed by claying. Sap, bird droppings, tar and other chemical contaminants stain or otherwise degrade paint the longer they sit on it.  Over time, these elements combine to dull the shine and undermine the integrity of your paint.  Regular claying extends the time between cutting and polishing, but eventually one is required to remove or diminish the accumulated imperfections and restore a good shine to your paint.

We recommend paint protection following a cut an polish to reseal, add lustre and leave a slippery surface that will further protect your paint. The normal cycle of washing, hand polishing and periodic claying will then once again keep your paint at its best.

Steam cleaning

Car upholstery is designed to be cleaned. It is typically hard wearing and releases grime and stains when correctly cleaned (worn materials are the exception).  We recommend that you steam clean heavily used floor mats and seats to remove dirt that with wear the fibres down. This will extend the life of your upholstery and keep your interior looking its best.

Leather Treatment

Leather accumulates oils and dirt through use.  Keeping it clean and restoring the oils that keep it supple is the best way to maintain its beautiful feel, appearance and condition.  Without regular cleaning embedded dirt wears away at the coloured surface and weakens the leather itself.  Because cleaning removes the oils that keep leather supple and resilient they must be replaced periodically.  In line with industry standards, we recommend that you give your leather a deep clean and conditioning treatment at least every 6 months.

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